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Studio 27

Perfect Shape Molds Is Changing The Game!
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How do you present something that is completely new for the world?

S27 invited a product that changed the nails game for ever. Instead of wasting 35 minutes of your time making a nail you can do it in 5 MINUTES with their perfect shape molds!

But the big problem is… A lot of people where skeptic about this new technique, to make it even easier for us this product was introduced in 2 different countries with 2 different cultures at the same time.

And that was the big challenge for us.

  • Concept
  • Website
  • Brand image
  • Social media
  • Video marketing



We provided the customer with a fully responsive, fresh looking corporate web page. The web site created unique brand positioning and increased the company’s sales effectiveness.



It was a huge challenge for WASOE and we achieved an amazing result with this web page. The idea was to create a website, that perfectly expresses the E.A attitude to their job.

From a technical perspective, the website was made using WordPress CMS. It provides all essential possibilities to translate and administrate every page,as well as the information on the new E.A corporate page.



We created a brand new company image, something innovative that reflects what they stand for.

The brief was short and powerful: “Online mortgage and insurance consultancy made easy” and that is exactly what we did.

The colors we used for this project where carefully selected using color psychology.


Organizing the content in a way that took advantage of the full digital experience was key, which meant including the same content in multiple locations throughout the site. Intuitive navigation was introduced with six separate options: The main navigation. In addition, we leveraged video to integrate with the explenation of the concept. The plan to offer a new issue of the lookbook quarterly required us to go beyond the standard website format and develop a whole platform that can be reused for future issues.

Online mortgage and insurance consultancy made easy?

Customer care is a crucial line of communication between the company and its consumers. We placed the contact button on every page under Exclusief advies Support to provide quick access to all available channels. Now just a click away, the customer service team has never been so easily accessible.

One page – All pages

We use a single-page template for all services support pages at both category and model levels, gradually revealing support content as the user shares more details about the product.