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Maintenance Service

20.00 / month

  • Ensure your website evolves with changing demands
  • Offer website updates to meet your site content needs, including (but certainly not limited to) overall site improvements, product/service updates, ecommerce specials, and interactivity maintenance



Your website may already be attractive, engaging and optimized for search engines, but you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining its reputation yourself.

Hacking attacks continue to rise. Many hackers play a volume game when it comes to choosing targets. They find a weakness common to many sites, then try to use it over and over to gain access to an array of sites. Once they gain access, they can hijack your server, deface your brand, steal private information, or cause other harm.

Developers often find themselves in an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with hackers, patching vulnerabilities as quickly as someone discovers them. The developers then disseminate fixes for these exploits via software updates. These updates usually include improvements and new features, as well. Keeping a WordPress site constantly upgraded helps to plug security gaps as soon as possible, discouraging hacking attacks.

Of course, the idea of immediately updating software may be counterintuitive for many. Once, the prevailing logic of software upgrades held that one should wait until the last possible moment to upgrade software in order to ensure the developer had found and removed all the bugs. However, that old wisdom has given way to better, more stable software and very relevant security concerns. Thus, the new words of wisdom for WordPress site owners will likely hereafter remain “upgrade as soon as possible.”



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